Naturalization and permanent residence are often compared because both have no expiration date, but they are completely different in terms of the change of nationality.

 In foreign countries, nationality can be gained but not lost, so people often come to consult with us with a casual feeling of "I hope I can gain Japanese nationality.However, the Japanese government does not recognize dual citizenship. In other words, you are forced to lose your current nationality and become a Japanese citizen.

If you understand this point, naturalization has advantages such as obtaining a Japanese passport and the right to vote. (On the other hand, it also means losing your home country's passport and voting rights.)

Losing one's nationality may also cause inconvenience, such as needing a visa to visit the country of one's birth and upbringing.

Permanent residence only means that you do not need to renew your visa, but your nationality remains the same. For those who wish to live in their home country in the future, we recommend applying for permanent residence.