Hello, this is Iwaya of IMS Legal Professional Corporation. Last week rained like it was the rainy season, but now the weather has been fine for the first time in a while. Also, the State of Emergency is expected to be extended again, so what will happen now?

We've recently received an uptick in questions and requests from clients. The breakdown works out to 25 requests for Japanese visas, 33 U.S. visas, 15 Vietnamese visas, 3 naturalization applications, and 51 others of various types. Among them, we have received many requests for permanent residence and U.S. visas. It seems many people recently have been thinking of living in Japan permanently.

There are many requirements when applying for permanent residence, but the annual income requirement is especially strict. If you currently hold a work visa, you will be required to provide your annual income for the past five years. There is no set income requirement, but even if you are single, you should have an annual income of at least 3 million yen. Those with dependents will be required to have an even higher income.

To be frank, having an annual income in the 2 million yen range for even one year out of the past five will lower your chances of approval. Since this status of residence allows you to live in Japan permanently, you are required to have the ability to lead a stable life so that you do not become a burden to the Japanese government.

In addition, if your application for permanent residence is denied, depending on the reason you may have to wait several years to reapply. We at IMS have a vast amount of experience in applying for permanent residence. We can provide you with advice and assistance to ensure that your application is approved. If you have questions about whether or not you qualify to apply for permanent residence, please contact us below ↓

Please also visit our website dedicated to permanent residence applications.

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