This is Stephanie of IMS Legal Professional Corporation. Japan has officially opened its doors to digital nomads, introducing a long-awaited visa category that allows remote workers to live and work in the country for up to half a year. Implemented at the end of March 2024, the "Specified Visa: Designated Activities (Digital Nomad)" is now available!

Key Points of the Digital Nomad Visa

  • Duration: The visa is only valid for up to 6 months, with no option for extension.
  • Dependents OK: Spouses and minor children are able to join the visa holder under the status "Designated Activities (Spouse or Child of Digital Nomad)". This feature is crucial for those digital nomads who wish to move to Japan with their families.
  • Financial Requirements: Applicants must demonstrate they have the required annual income of at least 10 million JPY (approximately 68,000 USD as of this blog date). This ensures that applicants can comfortably support themselves and their families during their stay.
  • Insurance Requirements: Given that digital nomads are ineligible for national health insurance, applicants must provide proof of travel insurance covering death, injury, and illness, with a minimum medical compensation of 10 million JPY.
  • Documentation: Applicants need to submit detailed documents outlining their planned activities in Japan and the duration of their stay, along with proof of their income and insurance. Dependents need to submit documents proving family ties, such as marriage and birth certificates.

Limited Eligibility

One of the visa’s limitations is that only citizens from certain countries can apply (mainly, those with visa-free travel to Japan). Please see the official list of countries:

Important to note is that the main applicant must be from a visa-free country, but not necessarily their dependents.

Looking Toward the Future

The introduction of the Digital Nomad visa is a significant step for Japan, and a long-awaited visa status for many. For more information and application details, please refer to the official Japanese immigration website.

・Official MOFA website:
・Visa application form (sample from Consulate-General of Japan in Chicago): *
*Please use the application form required by your local Embassy of Japan after receiving your Certificate of Eligibility (COE).

Please note that this blog is based on information available at the time of writing, and you should verify the most current information at your own responsibility through official government sites.

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