Hello. I'm Hong from IMS Legal Professional Corporation. This time, I would like to introduce a case study.

It could be considered a significant family relocation, where a foreign individual is coming to Japan to work for a Japanese company, and they wish for their spouse, children, and parents to accompany them. I will explain the application procedures based on a case where we provided visa support, analyzing the individual's situation and the management status of the accepting company in Japan.

Regarding spouses and children, they can come to Japan together if they obtain a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) for "Depdendent (family stays)" visa accompanying the main applicant's work visa. However, for parents, they are not eligible for the "Depdendent (family stays)" visa, and there is no visa specifically designed for inviting parents for medium to long-term stays. So, how can one bring their parents for a medium to long-term stay in Japan?

Requirements for Highly Skilled Professional Visa Application

First, we consider the eligibility for the "Highly Skilled Professional" visa instead of a regular work visa for the main applicant (the person coming to work in Japan). There are minimum requirements that must be met:

  1. A university degree or equivalent (or 10 years or more of practical experience)
  2. Accumulating 70 points or more on the points calculation table → Submission of supporting documents corresponding to the score items is required
  3. If working for a company, meeting the requirement of an annual income of 3 million yen or more

Next, we confirm if the main applicant has a child under 7 years old (or if their spouse is pregnant). If either of these conditions is met, it is possible for the parent to accompany them on a "Specific Activity" visa for childcare or assistance during pregnancy, utilizing preferential treatment under the "Highly Skilled Professional" visa. However, simply having a child under 7 years old is not enough; the household's annual income must be 8 million yen or more, even if it is just the main applicant's income.

Types of Visas?

The types of visas for this case are as follows:

  • Main Applicant (Worker): "Highly Skilled Professional (i)(b)"
  • Spouse and 2 Children: "Depdendent (family stays)"
  • Both Parents of the Main Applicant: "Designated Activities (Notice No. 34)"

※If the main applicant, spouse, and children are already in Japan, applying for only the COE application for the parents is possible.

It is not possible to bring both sets of parents of the main applicant and spouse to Japan simultaneously; only one set of parents can be applied for. Of course, it is possible to alternate between bringing each set of parents. Additionally, the residency period for the "Designated Activities" visa granted to parents is "1 year," and renewal applications can be made within Japan. However, renewal is not possible once the child reaches 7 years of age, and in principle, they will need to return to their home country.

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