Many people who are considering applying for Permanent Residency in Japan often have questions about potential job changes before or after their application, and how these job changes might affect the immigration process.

In this context, we will address job changes before and during the application process for Permanent Residency or Permanent Visa in Japan.

Job changes before applying for Permanent Residency

It's crucial to understand the implications of job changes before applying for Permanent Residency. Foreign nationals often change jobs more frequently than Japanese citizens. Many foreign nationals change jobs approximately every 1 to 3 years. This discrepancy is influenced by differences in the career perspectives of Japanese and foreign workers, along with variations in employment policies of different companies.

In general, changing jobs shortly before or after applying for Permanent Residency might be problematic. The primary reason is that it is necessary to assess applicants' economic situation, employment status, and family situation over a certain period to ensure they are stable.

Therefore, usually, records of job changes after you've submitted your Permanent Residency application will be examined. However, certain circumstances may not work against you in the assessment.

Cases that can be recognized even if you have just changed jobs

Generally, it's advisable to refrain from changing jobs shortly before applying for Permanent Residency. During the examination, your track record for a period of time after changing jobs will be reviewed. On the other hand, if there are justifiable reasons for changing jobs, and your economic situation after the change is stable, then the change may not negatively impact your application, even if the change occurred shortly before applying. Please note that factors such as the duration of employment in the previous position will also be taken into consideration, so caution is necessary when changing jobs within a short timeframe.

Changing your job soon after applying for Permanent Residency

We recommend avoiding job changes after submitting your application for Permanent Residency. This is because job changes can potentially disrupt the basis for your application, making it a bit tricky. When you apply for Permanent Residency, your application is built on your current status, and any significant changes to that status can lead to problems.

A new declaration form introduced in 2021 obliges applicants to report job changes during the Permanent Residency application process. Failure to report can potentially result in revocation of your application. This includes the need to obtain a new work permit and an updated certificate of eligibility if necessary. These changes can also impact your High Skilled Professional Points for the Permanent Residency application.

Transfers within a company, even from parent to subsidiary or affiliated companies, must also be reported to immigration authorities. Neglecting this may violate notification requirements or result in non-approval.

In conclusion, job changes before or during Permanent Residency or Permanent Visa applications are not strictly prohibited. However, caution is essential to ensure changes don't negatively impact your application. Reporting changes promptly and honestly to immigration authorities is a crucial part of the process.

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