Greetings. I am Takada, an Immigration attorney.

In order to establish a company and obtain a "Business Manager" visa, it is essential to have a business office in Japan, so it is very important where you choose to set up your business office.

These days, you can use not only tenant offices but also rental offices, shared offices, coworking spaces, virtual offices, and many other forms of office space.

So, what type of business office should you set up in order to meet the business office requirements to obtain a "Business Manager Visa"?

Business office requirements obtaining Business Manager Visa

Unlike tenant offices, rental offices are pre-equipped with office furniture and facilities such as photocopiers, Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, and other services. Rental offices have a private type of occupied space, and it is possible to apply for a "Business Manager Visa" using this as a place of business (office).

On the other hand, an office known as a shared office or coworking space is a shared type of office where several people work in the same space. It is not possible to obtain a Business Manager Visa because it is not possible to conduct business related to management in an independent space.

Also, a virtual office is an office that does not have actual office space, but only allows you to rent an address and phone number. It is not a place where actual Business Manager or Administration is conducted; calls are answered by an operator, mail is forwarded, and so on. Therefore, it is not possible to apply for a "Business Manager Visa" using a virtual office as a place of business (office).

According to the Immigration Inspection Guideline, the following points are to be noted since the "existence and securing of a place of business" is essential for examination and the business must be continuously operated.

The purpose of use must be for business purposes, such as business use, stores, offices, etc.

The lease contract must be in the name of the applicant's corporation, etc., and the space must be used by the applicant's corporation, etc.

・In the case of using the leased space for a short period of time on a monthly basis or using a facility such as a stall that can be easily disposed of, it is not considered to conform to the requirements, unless there are special circumstances that make it reasonable to do so.

Review points for business offices

In addition, in the examination process, the appropriateness of a business establishment (office) will be determined on an individual basis based on the following points.

(1) Whether a certain amount of space is secured 

(2) Is there an independent space that is clearly separated from other rooms? 

(3) Is it separated from other rooms by a wall or door? 

(4) Is there a company sign or signboard? 

(5) Is there a mailbox? 

(6)Is there a desk, a computer, a telephone, a copy machine, and other necessary equipment for conducting business?

When applying, in addition to the lease agreement and certified copy of the real estate registry, a floor plan and photographs of the business (office) are required to substantiate the above points.

If you move your office after obtaining "Business Manager" status, you will also be required to submit a rental contract, a certified copy of the real estate registry, a floor plan, and photographs of your office (signboard, mailbox, and inside the office) when applying for renewal of your "Business Manager" status.

Please keep in mind that the applicant will be examined to determine whether the place where he/she has always conducted business is appropriate as a place of business (office).